Like your steak fairly rare on the inside but crispy on the outside? Ever tried cooking it in a toaster? 

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A young woman on TikTok did. Her name is Juliette and she made steak in a toaster. Not a toaster OVEN, a TOASTER.

Now, the toaster is an underrated kitchen appliance. But, STEAK? Like, how and why did this woman even come up with such an idea? Anything for social media followers, I guess.

I have been cooking steak in an air fryer, and that's gone better than I could have expected, but a toaster? I don't know if I'd waste a good cut of meat experimenting with the hack. I just can't get behind this.

But, a toaster only holds whatever's inside it for so long before things just pop back up. I'd have to push the steak back down like 50 times in order for it to cook on the inside the way I like to eat mine. I think what Juliette did is super gross. The juices from the meat certainly leaked down into the toaster, which would be very hard to clean and potentially lead to contamination of whatever she put into the toaster after that. Has this poor girl never heard of salmonella? She either needs some cooking lessons or is hungry for attention. Oh, Juliette. No, girl. Just no. The Twitterverse naturally had some thoughts on the toaster steak:

Would you ever cook steak in a toaster? Let us know in the comment box below.

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