2017 is coming to a close for better or for worse, why not see your highlights on Instagram for this year? Here's how you can find out YOUR best nine Instagram posts for this year.

You've probably already noticed your friends sharing this on their timelines, or perhaps you remember it from last year. Basically, it's a way to show what posts got the most likes this year...or better yet a way for you to reminisce about the year you had!

The way to get your best nine Instagram posts is really quite easy. All you have to do is go on 2017bestnine.com, enter your handle and voila! The site will generate it for you.

No downloads required, no extra steps. It is encouraged to include #2017bestnine so you can share with others. Check out SoJO's best nine below!

SoJO 104.9 Instagram
SoJO 104.9 Instagram

Also big thanks to all of you for giving us such an amazing year!

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