Admittedly, I know very little about this dating app called Tinder. What I do know is that online dating in general can be an awkward, scary place. Especially for women.

As a guy I understand how easy it is to "talk a big game" without being face-to-face with an attractive woman. However, it isn't really the talking a big game that's a problem. It's the lack of personal, face-to-face communication that can make online dating and dating apps like Tinder particularly frightening.

Why? Because you can really say whatever you want. Take, for instance, this downright disturbing exchange we found on Buzzfeed between a teenage Tinder user and a random guy:

Total jerk, right? Yet Lori took a pretty clever approach to having to deal with this guy. She managed to track down this guy's mother and sent her a copy of the message:

Well played, Lori. Well. Played.

By the way, according to Lori's Tumblr and Buzzfeed, this guy's mother has yet to respond, but we hope she has addressed the issue with her son.

So what about you? Have you come across some real sleazeballs online or through Tinder? Tell us about it below.

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