Where can you find the most haunted places in South Jersey? We have a few places in mind...


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are myths that have been passed down over the years that claim the following places in South Jersey are haunted, according to The Shadowlands.net:


Pitney House- Absecon:  Late at night, as the only visitors when staying in a private cottage of this Bed and Breakfast, a soft song could be heard playing on a fife (a flute like instrument).  No one else was on this property at night, not even the owner or caretaker.


Jefferson Hall at Camden County College- Blackwood:  This structure used to be a monastery before becoming a learning institution.  It is said that a residing monk hanged himself on the third floor.  Security guards have reported hearing footsteps thumping down the hall of the third floor.  They often avoid interior patrol.


Taj Mahal-Atlantic City: It is said that a man jumped from the tenth floor of the garage and haunts that area every night around midnight.


Admiral Farragoes- Bayville:  There is said to be screams coming rom the old building every night around midnight.


TONS of places in Cape May, including at Higbee's Beach:  At least three ghosts can be seen in the wildlife reserve and beach.  Higbee appears whenever someone approaches his grave; he can be seen chasing the ghost of a slave down the wooded paths.  A phantom sailor appears in his beige-colored 'slops' atop a dune, and then disappears.


Do you know anymore haunted places in South Jersey? Feel free to comment below, if you dare!



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