Rejoice! Facebook has finally answered our prayers and devised a way for us to catch a break from all those notifications that are driving us insane.

If it isn't an amped-up political post from your crazy uncle or another photo of your friend's baby, there's always something posted on Facebook that you've had just about enough of. After listening to user feedback, Facebook has heard us loud and clear and introduced their new snooze button feature.

The feature was introduced December 15, and it's a better option than having to unfollow someone. With the 'Snooze' feature, the person's posts will disappear for 30 days. When those 30 days are up, you'll be able to see their posts again!

You can access this feature through the top right drop-down menu, and they'll never know.

Read all of Facebook's new features on HelloGiggles.

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