Meet 8-year old Michael Diamond.....

He's just a kid from Ohio, who should be thinking about summer vacation, not how to take care of his Grandmother's funeral.


He overheard his parents talking about how they couldn't afford a proper burial, so last Thursday, he decided to help out by setting up a stand selling Kool-Aid to raise money for his grandmother's funeral.


He only sold $55 worth on the first day, but the local news found out about it and did story on Michael.


The next day, tons of people came out to buy Kool-Aid!  Some people paid $100 a cup.


By Monday, he had raised over $5,500! Enough to give his grandmother a decent service.


It's certainly refreshing to hear a child put everything on hold, and do what's right for his family.  It's an example that we can all learn from, from an 8 year old.

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