Mariah Carey is in, Nicki Minaj seems all but in, so now who is going to be the 3rd judge for the new season of American Idol?  Could FOX go for an all female panel of judges?

Rumors have circulated today surrounding Alanis Morissette possibly signing up.  CNN has reported that Alanis is a "serious contender" to be on the judges' table for the upcoming new season, and Morissette is supposedly "intrigued" over the idea of joining Idol.

Morissette would be a strong figure in the judges chair for the show.  Her groundbreaking CD Jagged Little Pill from 1995 remains the 2nd highest selling CD by a female artist in music history (over 33 Million sold worldwide), and she is a 7-time Grammy award winning artist.  She comes across as someone who would not be afraid to tell it like it is, and could be a strong figure as a judge.

The possibility of an all female panel for Idol could be entirely possible with the status of Randy Jackson right now as questionable.  Rumors are circulating that Jackson could be moving into a "mentoring role" like Jimmy Iovine has done the last 2 seasons.

Could Idol have 2 mentors for the new season?  Possible.  Could Iovine move to the judges' table? Highly Unlikely (Iovine does not seem interested in that role on the show.

Could Idol go with 4 judges again?  This seems like the way they may go to have a male presence on the panel, but an all female approach could be a nice change in dynamic for a show coming off disappointing rating last season (although Idol winner Phillip Phillips is having a great run with his debut single "Home").

With the uncertainty still looming over judging situation on Idol, they seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of this.  With The X-Factor about to being Season 2, the buzz is leaning toward Idol because of the judges drama.  You don't think Idol is not loving that fact?