So, I'll chalk this up to another idea I wish I'd come up with first.  Meet the genius Chicken Pot Pie Cone.  It totally eliminates the need for a fork!

This cone is the brain child of Nick Chapman of  Chapman, who after inventing his Apple Pie Cone, thought it could definitely work with chicken pot pie.

He tells Good Morning America how he turned his idea into reality:

  • He bought pre-made pie crust, wrapped it around a cone-form and baked it upside at 400 degrees for ten minutes.
  • Chapman filled the shell with cooked chicken, carrots, peas and broth, covered it with pastry draped like a lattice, and cooked it right-side up inside of a glass for another 10 minutes.

Hmmm, what else could I try this with this summer?  Cherry pie?  Seafood stew?  What would you put into a cone if you could?

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