This has been a hotly debated topic here in New Jersey for as long as any of us can remember: Does Central Jersey exist? These New Jersey breweries want you to drink on it!

Departed Soles Brewing Company in Jersey City has teamed up with Cypress Brewing company of Edison and Two Ton Brewing Co. in Kenilworth to create two beers to help put the question to a vote - by buying their beer, according to

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The concept is simple; They've released two different beers for sale - one that says "Central Jersey DOES exist", and another that's labeled "Central Jersey does NOT exist." Whichever beer sells out first is the winner!

Credit: Instagram @departedsoles
Credit: Instagram @departedsoles

So what's the difference between these two beers - besides the conclusions they draw?

"'Central Jersey Does Exist" is a hoppy lager with a bitter finish brewed with Cypress Brewing Co. While "Central Jersey Does Not Exist" is a dark, heavy lager brewed with Two Ton Brewing Co.

Personally, if you'd have asked me a year ago if Central Jersey exists, I would have bought the beer that says "No." I was born and raised in South Jersey after all. Now that I've been working in Trenton and have interacted with Eagles AND Giants fans in the same place, I am convinced that it does indeed exist!

If you're ready to try the beers, thus casting your vote, you can find them at the Departed Soles tap room at 150 Bay St in Jersey City, and many other bars and stores across the state where their beer is sold!


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