Let's start out with the fairly obvious: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We've found the most, shall we say "cost-effective" home, on the local real estate market.

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To put it another way, it's about the cheapest house we can find.

Honestly, it's not pretty.

But, as they say in the real estate world, it has a lot of potential!

The home, at 608 S New Orleans Avenue in Galloway, is being offered, according to Realtor.com, for $59,000 via John Deangelis at

Berkshire Hathaway Diversified Realty

I think we would classify this as a "fixer-upper." OK. Maybe a "tear-down."

We're sure it was a nice home for someone, but its "prime time" has passed by.

The price, though, is out of this world. According to the listing, with 20% down ($11,800) your monthly payment would be just $200 a month for principal and interest plus $100 in property tax and about $13 in insurance. That's cheap!

Again, though, there's some work to be done here.

Let's take a tour, shall we?


Berkshire Hathaway Diversified Realty

The yard needs some work. It is a big piece of property, though. 1.7 acres! That's room to grow!

Berkshire Hathaway Diversified Realty

Curb appeal? Hmmm, not so much right now, but, again, with some work.....

Berkshire Hathaway Diversified Realty

This house has so many extras! Like extra blocks and junk.

Berkshire Hathaway Diversified Realty

Need a place for the mother-in-law? Here you go!

All joking aside, it's cheap. If you want a project, this one might be the right one for you!

The property has been for sale since early 2018, and the price has not changed.

Maybe a good offer will take it!

Find out more right here, and good luck!

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