Billie Eilish voiced her frustrations at the numerous YouTubers that have pretended to be the 18-year-old in public places for videos.

The "everything i wanted" singer slammed the idea of someone pretending to be her by citing safety as her main concern. "Please stop doing this s--t," she wrote. "It is not safe for you and it is mean to people who don't know any better, you make me look bad."

Eilish then shared the results from a YouTube search, "pretending to be Billie Eilish." Numerous social media influencers have dressed up as the star to fool the public, causing chaos and security concerns in the process.

She added, "Also soooo [sic] disrespectful that you'd go out pretending to be me wearing this," referencing the shorts and socks that her imposter wore.

This isn't the first time that the singer has spoken out about impersonators. In December of 2019, she had to clarify that the Moscow-based lookalike was not in fact really her. A YouTube video of the incident was later uploaded to the imposter's YouTube channel.

See the posts, below.

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