Bernie Sanders finally made his way to South Jersey thanks to the latest meme creation spawned from his get-up at Biden's inauguration.

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Bernie Sanders has taken the internet by storm, not for his political agenda, but for just for being, well, Bernie. If you're someone who didn't get to or choose to watch the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, then you missed the entrance of Bernie Sanders where he looked as if the inauguration wasn't this huge celebration to swear in our next Commander In Chief, rather just the first stop of his very busy day.

Let's set the scene for you:

  It was at that moment the internet went nuts with Bernie memes, delivering him major kudos for his level of practicality while having a little fun at the same time. Most people use the high-profile aspect surrounding the day to dress to the 9s. Bernie Sanders, however, logically chose to dress for the weather. It was cold on inauguration day. Since Bernie's from Vermont, he's not messing around. In fact, when a news station asked Bernie to address all the internet buzz he's getting due to his inaugural appearance, he said that in Vermont, they're more worried about "keeping warm" than fashion statements.


The internet's fascination with Bernie at the inauguration wasn't JUST because of his outfit. It was also because of his attitude. He gave off the impression that the inauguration is just one stop included in the long list of things he had to accomplish that day. He looked so down-to-earth about it, that the internet went wild. Thus, the "Bernie Meme" was born:

Now, the "Bernie Meme" has made its way into South Jersey territory where the people from the Cape May Lewes Ferry have joined right in. Check it out:

No doubt, he'll make his way around even more parts of our region soon enough. For now, we can just watch him enjoy his time on the ferry.

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