Comments made on the Facebook page of Autumn Pasquale's accused killers may have been what led to their capture, but now the last online conversation the 12-year old had with one of her murderers is shedding light on the case. has obtained, via New Jersey's Star Ledger, Facebook messages exchanged between Pasquale and 15-year old Justin Robinson four days before her disappearance on October 26.


Its appears Autumn initiated the conversation after spotting a picture of Justin's motocross bike.  She wrote:

--"Is that ur bike?"

--Robinson responds: "Yeupp".

--"Thts sexy!" Pasquale wrote.

--"lol thxx," Robinson replied. "... yes. cme 2 my house."

Autumn Pasquale was discovered two days later in a recycling bin near the home of the Justin Robinson and 17-year old Dante Robinson, who is also charged with the murder.  Police in Clayton, N.J. say the preteen, who would have turned 13 next week, was lured and strangled for her white BMX bike.

Reportedly Anita Robinson turned her sons into authorities after noticing suspicious posts on Facebook.  There has been speculation the mother made the call in hopes of collecting the $10,000 reward, but that claim has yet to be substantiated.

Autumn Pasquale will be laid to rest Saturday in Gloucester County.

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