The damage and flooding in Atlantic City have made national news - now the casinos are waiting for the green light to start business going again, but they may have to be patient for some time.

Reports have come out that all of the A.C. casinos managed to escape largely unharmed - some water leaks and some broken windows has been it.  Word is that the casinos could be ready to open once again for business within 24 hours - of course what is holding this up is the damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Tony Rodio, the President of the Tropicana Resort and Casino and the head of the Casino Association of N.J. sums up the situation stating "There's no sense opening if we can't get people in here".

This "Super Storm" has caused for only the 4th time in the 34-year history of legalized gambling in Atlantic City the casinos ordered closed.

Extended closure of the casinos will not be good for the A.C. economy as it is estimated that the casinos will lose a combined $5 Million in revenue each day they are closed.

Tom Morgan of the SoJO Morning Show recently got the SoJO Van through downtown A.C. and says progress is being made as cleanup crews are working overtime, and some places have been spotted with electricity.

We hope for a safe and speedy return for business in Atlantic City.


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