You may not think that a sandwich would get people excited, but the annual celebration of the Hoagie from Wawa has truly become an event to be hold, and the proof was there to be seen on their Facebook page.

Wawa was keeping secret what Hoagies would be on special this year for their annual Hoagiefest, but was willing to reveal the deals for 2012 if they could get 6,000 likes on Facebook - it only took hours for Wawa to get over 6,000 of their near 900,000 followers to make this happen!  Once they announced that every one of the Classic Hoagies would be $4.79, they instantly received about 1,000 likes for the deal.

Picture a 10 inch Hoagie for under 5 bucks - good deal!  This deal is good on any Classic from their breakfast, lunch or dinner menu.  Monday was the first day of Hoagiefest, and business around the area was booming!

Wawa is running all kinds of specials to go along with their Hoagies, which you can find on their website, or by following them on Twitter (they just joined 2 weeks ago and they are approaching 10,000 followers).  If this was not enough, Wawa is giving away a prize that could earn you free hoagies for a year (worth $1,000) - get the details by clicking here.

You should be craving a meatball Classic Hoagie by now, or their tuna salad (have it toasted with cheese - damn good tune melt!), maybe tomorrow's breakfast will be scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon Classic.

Enjoy the fun of Hoagiefest, and find your Wawa close by to where you live.