In honor of Taylor Swift's 28th birthday, we're looking back on some of her album tracks that should have been radio singles but weren't.

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    From her second studio album Fearless, 'Breathe' was a break-up track co-written by Colbie Caillat, who provides harmonies on the song's chorus.

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    One of the first tracks recorded for 2010's Speak Now album, it's one of many times we get to hear Taylor clap back at Kanye West for ambushing her MTV VMA's acceptance speech. But even if it wasn't about West, it's still a beautiful ballad.

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    'Speak Now'

    The title track from Taylor's third album is a poppy and quirky take on crashing a wedding and running off with the groom.

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    In the midst of a budding romance with Connor Kennedy, this track from Taylor's fourth studio album Red paints a very vivid picture of what partying among one of the country's most famous families must have been like.

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    'How You Get The Girl'

    The album 1989 took Taylor's sharpest turn towards pop than any of its predecessors. But the track 'How You Get The Girl', despite being produced by Max Martin (Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys) was the closest throwback to her country roots. And it's hook is completely infectious.

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    BONUS! 'Delicate'

    It's too soon to tell whether the song 'Delicate' from Taylor's newest release Reputation has a future on radio, but it's the song we've been completely transfixed by. Check out some footage of the making of it.

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