The Garden State produces lots of amazing produce, but Jersey strawberries are the MOST delicious. They're in season, so here's where to go to pick your own!

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There is just SOMETHING about a Jersey strawberry that, once you get a taste, all the others pale in comparison. No offense to California, but they just can't grow strawberries that taste this sweet. The redder and riper, THE BETTER!

I spend most of my time during the late spring, early summer months canvasing South Jersey farm stands to get my hands on as many Jersey strawberries I can since they don't last long! But every now and again, it's great to take a couple hours (and maybe a couple helping hands) to pluck them from the vine yourself.

Side note: Allow me to also recommend a trip to Hammonton's Royale Crown on the White Horse Pike where you can treat yourself to their Summer Strawberry soft serve and hard serve ice cream, while supplies last. It brings out the best in Jersey Fresh strawberries.

5 Places in SJ to Pick Your Own Juicy, Jersey Fresh Strawberry

TIP: Check with each farm prior to visiting to confirm their strawberry orchards still have fruit to pick.

Links to the farms mentioned in the gallery above:

Duffield's Farm, Sewell

B&B Farms, Egg Harbor City

Johnson's Corner Farm, Medford

Hallock's U-Pick, New Egypt

Conte's Farm, Tabernacle

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