Something has happened to me.  Suddenly, 'X-Factor' has lost me.

Just weeks ago, I was enthralled.  Now I'm disinterested!

I was mesmerized by the audition process of the new hit Fox talent competition.  I felt it fresh, glossy, and innovative.

But that was then.  Ever since the live shows have kicked off, I've found myself unable to tolerate the incessant grand-standing.  It's almost nauseatingly bad.  And for me it has a lot to do with judge Nicole Sherzinger.  I loved her as a Pussycat Doll, but as a talent mentor?  She's either condescendingly annoying or annoyingly condescending.  I've yet to decide which.  She's a beautiful girl, a  humble singer whom I once sat with on the floor of a meeting room in Borgata.  But Sherzinger's 'X-Factor' personna has turned her cold and unfriendly.  If she calls a contestant 'honey' one more time I'll vomit I swear.

The song choices are bad, I'm pretty sure some of the performances are being lip-synched, and its all just turned to cheese.  I couldn't even stomach a run through on my DVR last night.  I just deleted it and went to 'Iron Chef' reruns on Food Network.

Because, who cares?  Really, who cares?  Because I don't.  But good luck to the winner.