This school isn't just something made up, it's set to debut in August!


Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the grandson of the founder Lego, is dead serious on opening a school 'that will uphold LEGO's emphasis on playful engagement.'  (design taxi)



With words like 'playful engagement' being a part of the core values of this school, I immediately want to say 'sign me up!'


As a parent, you're probably saying 'Heck no, I want to raise an executive!' (that was the swift response I got after asking the 'Lego question' to a member of our SoJO Sales staff....figures).


Remember this, every single kid in the world is going to be envious of this student body.


The International School of Billund (the official name of the 'Lego School') will also focus on collaboration, problem solving, and learning through play.'


The institution will also be located in Denmark.


The school will accommodate 3-to-7-year-olds starting this summer, and ages up to 16 beginning in 2015. The campus will be filled with bicycle routes, learning labs, music studios, and playgrounds. In addition to making strides into the study of childhood development, LEGO promises to create a stimulating and modern place to learn.





Yep, we're going there.....