2012 was not the best year for the English language.



Let's start with YOLO.  'Yolo' is an acronym (if you call it that) which stands for 'you only live once'.  I first heard this word on my sister's high school graduation.  Some kid got on stage and did her speech, only to end each sentence with 'yolo'.

Have fun working at the local 7-11.




Gangnam Style.  Remember when PSY blew me off????!!!!!!!


Zombie Apocalypse.  I used to love 'Resident Evil', 'Zombieland', and Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', and then things got out of hand.  People were starting to sound convinced that the zombie apocalypse was going to take place very soon, like tomorrow soon.

Come to think of it, the more I watched zombieland, the worse it got.


Moist.  OK, not exactly a new word here.  But I gotta tell you, every time I hear the word 'moist', I feel like I need to run home and take a shower.  Take any sentence with the word 'moist' in it.  Now, imagine your mom is the one who said it.



OMG...it is, by far, the worst thing that ever took place to our everyday society.  It just sounds ridiculous.  I especially hate it when Adults say it.  You might as well just say, "oh my god, I'm 12." 



What other words should be banished? Feel free to comment below....