She's not exactly shying away from acting, given she recently played a major part in the season finale of Fox's hitcom The New Girl.  But even though she's taken on small roles on the big screen as well as little, Taylor Swift is not necessarily gunning to be taken more seriously as an actress.





Jason Merritt, Getty Images


In addition to The New Girl, Taylor had a bit part in the ensemble rom-com Valentine's Day in 2010, and she also lent her voice to the Dr. Seuss animated movie The Lorax in 2012.  And way back in 2009 she was even the subject of an entire episode of CSI. She was also rumored to have been heavily favored for a role in the Oscar nominated Les Miserables, but lost out.

So what's holding Swift back from accepting more roles?


What will Taylor need if she's to delve further into acting?