I've been holding on to details about Ed Sheeran's new song 'Sing' for about two months.  Ed first played the track for me at Electric Lady Studios in New York in February, and I've been biting my tongue with anticipation since.  I'm finally going to get a chance to play it for you Monday, and here's why I can't wait for you to hear it.

Ya see, Ed is on the heels of releasing his sophomore collection of songs.  I know stakes are high, as they often are when an artist hopes to follow up the success of their debut album.  But Sheeran has MORE THAN risen to the challenge.

While visiting with Ed a few months back he played us the majority of his forthcoming album, and when I tell you I was teaming with shock, I am wildly understating my reaction.

This new album is quite the left turn from Sheeran, who's debut Plus+ was filled with storytelling ballads.  This new effort couldn't be further from same-old.  Now, I don't want to scare you away.  There are quintessential Ed songs, a la 'The A Team'.  But when it comes to songs like the first single 'Sing', you're going to hear a whole new side of this prolific singer/songwriter.  And what I was pleasantly surprised to hear is that Ed is ready to have some fun.


My notes about 'Sing' from Ed Sheeran's album listening session, courtesy Heather DeLuca

Here are some of the notes I took about 'Sing' when Ed first played it for me:

  • upbeat
  • dance beat
  • falsetto
  • put on a 'Suit & Tie'
  • song of the summer?

Chills. Utter chills up my arms.  I did not even know Ed had a song like this in his repertoire.  There's nothing better than an artist throwing you for a loop.  And that's what Ed has done to me with 'Sing'.  Get ready for it, because this infectious pop song is going to imbed itself in your head, and could, quite possibly, become the song of the summer.  In fact I think the first time I play it for you, there's a strong chance you'll mistake it for a Justin Timberlake song.  It has that vibe.  And a Pharrell vibe.  And a 'Blurred Lines' vibe.  But it's all Ed.

'Sing' arrives in my inbox Monday morning, and we'll be premiering it on SoJO shortly after.  So get ready for something you didn't anticipate from someone like Ed Sheeran.  Because he's going to overdeliver.


Ed Sheeran and midday host Heather DeLuca, courtesy Atlantic Records


And, FYI, this is only where his new album begins.  But that's all Ed will allow me to tell you for now.  You will, guaranteed, be routinely impressed by Ed between now and the end of 2014.