The classic holiday song made most famous by Bing Crosby starts with "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the one's I used to know".  Well about all you can do is keep dreaming this year as the "Heat Miser" is winning the weather battle through much of the continental United States, with rain the call more so than snow.

The weather right now in NJ is actually warmer than most of California - most of the state has hit 60 degrees or warmer.  The average for this time of year for NJ is usually around 40 degrees (according to a study from Rutgers University).  Hard to imagine snow right now with Springlike conditions - did the Snow Miser lose a bet with his brother to bring this on?

Information being gathered on-line has shown that the Heat Miser's famous quote will continue to hold true - "Snow in the South?  Never!"  The Southeast corridor of the country is right now between 65-80 degrees and should continue that trend through the weekend with rain through most of that region (extending further west into Texas).

The warmth for this area is extending up our way as NJ will settle into a Wet Christmas, but the wrong kind of wet.  Weatherman Matthew White has reported for SoJO 104.9 that south Jersey should be around 46 on Saturday and 50 for Sunday.  While it would be cold enough to snow Saturday night, the outlook is not calling for anything - even though no snow would stick because the ground will be too warm from earlier temperatures it would satisfy the dream of a White Christmas.  Time to look elsewhere.

The Western part of the U.S. will be dry for Christmas.  The only spot to find snow out that way may be toward New Mexico where the call is for significant snow over the next 48 hours for the state.  Closer to Jersey would be central New York state where the chance of 2-4 inches of snow seems possible for a White Christmas.  The storm heading in that area will also affect southern Vermont and southern New Hampshire.

The fact is that the Heat Miser is winning this year's White Christmas battle - sending the Snow Miser to party in Canada for Boxing Day.  Bottom line for this year is that we will enjoy a warmer holiday than normal, and unfortunate for the dream we all get "Scrooged" this year!