Let me be clear, writing this blog did not make
me re-do my entire closet, but it did make me think.

Take this  short quiz to discover what your wardrobe reveals:

After talking with our SoJO South Jersey Fashion guru Christine Phillips, you may not realize it, but what you wear makes a statement about who you really are.

One reason I know this, is because she continuously made fun of my Affliction shirts. (Which I happen to like).

OK, time for me to shut-up, and for you take the quiz:

The colors that dominate your clothes are?

a. Light pink, peach and lavender.

b. Black, beige and navy.

c. Vibrant greens, reds and yellows.


Your typical outfit is?

a. A feminine dress or top.

b. Tailored slacks and a sweater set.

c. Jeans and a t-shirt.


You usually shop at?

a. Trendy boutiques.

b. Outlet malls.

c. Department stores.


The accessory you prefer to dress up an outfit is?

a. A long scarf.

b. Several pieces of jewelry.

c. A retro belt or purse.


Mostly "a" -- You're a girlie-girl whose romantic nature is evident in the luxurious fabrics and frills in your wardrobe. Friends and family cherish your sweet, generous spirit.
Mostly "b" -- Your classic, functional clothes reflect your no-nonsense approach to life. You're a born leader whom others look to for strong guidance and sage advice.
Mostly "c" -- Your brash and creative choices for your wardrobe show the world you're an adventurous soul who's always ready for a challenge