James Bond has been a British super-agent for 50 years, and Skyfall should be a huge hit in theaters, but what if he was affected by the economy and was downsized?

This idea may sound ridiculous considering Bond is a fictional character, but let's make him real for the sake of this post.

Facts are that the UK unemployment rate is around 8% and the rest of Europe is growing in the wrong direction, gas prices in the UK are around $8 (American Dollars) per gallon, the value of the British Pound is weak, and new jobs are not developing.  This sounds a little like what's going on here!

James Bond could be laid off due to government budget cuts in this economy, so what is he qualified to do?

He could easily be a professional gambler - he never seems to lose when he's in a casino, but he may not have the stakes to keep up that lifestyle.

He could teach classes in self defense, but that is a luxury in this economy that some people may not have the disposable income towad something like this.

Bond would make a great bodyguard, which would be the best career choice, but one injury could lay him up for weeks and without health insurance .....

Imagine if he were going to apply for a job like a nanny - the application may look like this (thanks to Julia Nathan and nickmom.com for this crazy idea):