Yesterday, we discussed how you embarrassed Mom.  Today, we are switching things up.  What did Mom do that embarrassed you??


I personally will never forget the spring-like day when my Mother and I took a trip to Toys-R-Us. I was two, and yes I remember this.

As we were leaving the store, my mom walked out first.

The automatic doors shut in front of me, and they wouldn't open.  My Mom was standing on the other side, while I was stuck inside Toys-R-Us.

Picture this, a 2-year old child crying for his Mom, and Mom laughing on the other side of the glass doors.

If I remember correctly, I was so mad, I couldn't wait to put together the worst dirty diaper display on God's green Earth.

What did Mom do that embarrassed you?  Comment below!  Remember, at the end of the day, she still loved ya.

Happy 'Mother's Week'.