We all understand that it is better to give then to receive--but what are some of the gifts that are just NOT happening?I'm always very grateful to what anybody gives for the holidays, except that one Christmas when I was 10.  My parents thought it would be a funny idea to continue to give me batteries as gifts (this, of course, was leading to something big--I however did not think so).  By the time I opened up the 5th battery present, I was so mad, I threw the present back at my parents.  Oops!  There goes Christmas for Morgan!

I may have re-acted the wrong way, but I still think the battery idea was a bad one.

I know you have some gifts that are even worse.  Did the hubby give you some gifts that were ---err---insulting?  How about the wife?  Was she trying to get you on that new project, and communicated this request to you in the form of a gift?