Where Is The Love?  Are You Gonna Go My Way?  Who Let The Dogs Out?  You recognize these question from Black Eyed Peas, Lenny Kravitz and the Baha Men, but notice there seems to be no answer musically.  We all have are own answers, but what if you could match another song to a song that asks a question?  Welcome to today's challenge on "The Playlist".

So many classic songs ask questions: from Bob Marley wondering "Could You Be Loved", to Bryan Adams pondering "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman", and Joe Jackson thinking "Is She Really Going Out With Him".  I take 10 songs that pose questions, and I attempt to answer them with another song, and hopefully in the process create a good mix for anyone's iPod.  This is the mission for today (and yes this is how my mind does work).

Enjoy "The Playlist" for this week:

Blink 182 ask "What's My Age Again" -- Winger answers with I'm Only "17"

Van Halen wonders "Why Can't This Be Love" -- Puddle of Mudd has the solution ...... "She Hates Me"

REM quoted Dan Rather with "What's The Frequency Kenneth" -- a vague answer comes from Everclear ............. "AM Radio"

The Fixx gets deeply philosophical by asking "Are We Ourselves" -- Ke$ha has a solution through "Superstars" (We Are Who We Are!)

WAR extends a hand to ask "Why Can't We Be Friends" -- Three Days Grace does not mince words in saying "I Hate Everything About You" (yes you could use Ugly Kid Joe with a different song of the same title, but I like the 3DG song better - that's just me)

Heart says "What About Love" -- J. Geils Band slaps that idea down ........... "Love Stinks"

There is an answer for Bryan Adams on "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman -- the answer could be a bit sketchy from The Cutting Crew, but it does work .......... "I've Been In Love Before"

In the Liz Phair song "Why Can't I", she asks Why Can't I Breathe Whenever I Think About You -- the reason can be summed up by Beyonce .......... he's got you so "Crazy In Love"

Chicago wondered in the 70s "Does Anybody Know What Time It Is" -- Matchbox Twenty answered that a couple of decades later ......... it's "3am"

Finally, The Clash posed this question: "Should I Stay or Should I Go" -- Option A from Al Green: "Let's Stay Together.  Option B from Fleetwood Mac: "Go Your Own Way"

Feel free to add to "The Playlist" anytime with your ideas!