Thank goodness for OK Go.  This band continues to make visually stunning music videos.  They are one of the only musical acts that totally embraces music video as an art form.  I always look forward to them putting out something new.  The clip for the band's single 'The Writing's on the Wall', which took three weeks to film, does not disappoint and is such a treat for the eyes.  I challenge you to turn your head away for one second.  I couldn't.

In the past, OK Go videos have featured everything from dancing dogs to a complex Rube Goldberg machine. This video showcases a series of perspective illusions, both painted and constructed.

The video attempts to give motion to the geometric paintings of artists like Salvadore Dali, Felice Varini and Dan Tobin-Smith (the cover designer of Jay Z's Blueprint 3) .

OK Go's new album, Hungry Ghosts, is due in October.