As much as I'm thinking about all the fun songs we're playing on SoJO for Throwback Thursday, I somehow couldn't get Weird Al Yankovic and his slew of parodies out of my head, we seem to share the same fascination for changes and mocking song lyrics.  So here are my five favorite.

  • 1

    'Like A Surgeon'

    This is one of the first videos I ever remember seeing from Weird Al on MTV.  Madonna wasn't too please at the time that he was making fun of 'Like A Virgin', she took that song seriously back in 1984.

  • 2

    'Amish Paradise'

    Al was parodying the simple life of the Amish in a video that caused a lot of controversy.  The song, based on Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise' angered the Amish community, but became one of Al's highest charting singles of his career.

  • 3

    'Polka Face'

    Al took to animation for his parody of Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face'. What reads polka more than a mountain top, an accordian, and a bunch of Yetis?

  • 4


    It was hard for me to choose between Al's parodies of Michael Jackson's 'Bad' or 'Beat It'.  Both were hilarious based on their lyrics.  But I still can't stop laughing at the transformations in 'Fat'.

  • 5

    'I Lost On Jeopardy'

    This might be my all-time favorite Weird Al parody.  And it's so obvious.  When Greg Khin Band released their single 'Jeopardy' in 1983, it just begged for teasing.  I bet the words to this one came pouring out for Al.