Studies say that three quarters of women now avoid appearing in photos because they don't like their smile.

This is both mind boggling and sad, therefore, I believe I found a cure.

You know how everybody would tell you to scream 'cheese' before taking a picture?  Well, that's all a complete lie.


When taking your next picture, try this say 'oats' or 'plum'.

Did it make you smile?


Words with rounded sounds like plum or oats help your mouth produce a sexier shape than saying cheese.  I guarantee it.


You're trying it right now aren't you?


Celebrity Photographer Daniel Kennedy also offers other advice:


 1. Try to enjoy yourself. A natural smile that goes through to the eyes is far more attractive than a fake one.

2. Try to say 'oats' or 'plum'. It helps your mouth create a really sexy shape.

3. Keep your chin down and look up through your eyelashes for a face-slimming look that enhances your cheekbones.

4. Don't forget a slick of lip-gloss. Trendy or not, it makes your lips look fuller and healthier.  (Guys probably shouldn't try this.....unless you're really want to)