All the buzz in Atlantic City involves the King of the High Wire as he counts down to Thursday's late afternoon/early evening walk over the beach.  Nik Wallenda has been born to do what he does, and he will share time with Tom Morgan on the SoJO Morning Show before his latest stunt.

Wallenda has seen his fame reach new heights since his moment on ABC, where he walked over Niagara Falls (at a height of 170 feet above the falls) on a high wire with just 2 inches of diameter.  Over 10 Million people caught the broadcast in America, and now Nik has decided to go one step further before he settles in at the Tropicana Showroom in A.C. for the next month (August 12 thru September 22 - tickets on sale now by calling 1-800-745-3000).

The 33-yr-old daredevil plans to walk on 1,300 feet of cable stretched between cranes located on the beaches of A.C. near Boston Avenue on one end and near Brighton Avenue at the other end (only slightly shorter than the length of his Niagara walk).  Wallenda has made sure that there will not be a harness for this walk - he never wanted one for the Niagara Falls walk but the network forced him to wear it.

Nik will not have a safety net either - only a 24-foot balance pole.  Any wind off the ocean could give Wallenda some problems, and a fall would mean almost certain death because he is walking more than 100 feet in the air.  One again it should be emphasized that Wallenda will have no harness or safety net underneath him for this walk that is free to the public.

Morgan will have Wallenda calling in on Thursday morning to the SoJO Morning Show before his big moment later in the day.  Tom will give you an intimate look into why this man does what he does - don't miss out on Thursday!