What if you could climb the peaks of Machu Picchu, research the life of Walt Disney, fall madly in love and discover new music in just an afternoon? Now what if it was all free? Inside the Ocean City Free Public Library, you’ll find the whole world under one roof. You don’t have to travel far to find adventure. Your journey begins at the Ocean City Free Public Library! The Library is committed to maintaining and providing the information you need in ways that are convenient to you. In addition to visiting their website regularly, one of the best ways to stay informed about your library is to subscribe to our free e-mail information system-if you are interested in receiving information on various subjects of interest to you.

Motto: “The Ocean City Free Public Library- You’ll find the whole world under one roof”

Founded: 1979

Led by: Chris Maloney

Why They’re Unique: Think Ocean City Library only has books? Guess what, you’re wrong! Opening in May 2010, the new library offers so much more than aisles and aisles of literary classics and the latest bestsellers. You’ll find computer classes – wireless hotspots – online book clubs – and family programs. The library’s website even has an online library service….get instant audio downloads of your favorite books with no fees. Membership is free for all ocean city residents and property owners. At the new Ocean City Free Public Library-books, are only the beginning.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to: What age should children start using computers? Do you have computers classes? Do you have free entertaining and educational lectures at the Ocean City Free Public Library? Do you have free downloadable audio books, e-books and music at the Ocean City Free Public Library? Does the Ocean City Library offer free lectures and events on a variety of fascinating topics?

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