Anderson Sotomayor was making news between April and June, but not good news.  This Vineland native was making the same mistake ...... 6 times over!  Now some punishment has come down for the 45-yr-old man.

After having gained national attention for been arrested on 6 DUI instances, and having been a no-show on one mandatory court date, Sotomayor faced a Vineland judge today.  The end result for Sotomayor is that his driver's license is suspended the driver's license for 33 years.

More punishment should be coming Sotomayor's way.  Since he has been caught driving under the influence two times or more within 60 days, Sotomayor would be guilty of a fourth-degree crime which would be punishable by a $10,000 fine and 18 months in prison.

More to this story will be posted as details come in.