If Adele sings to her little boy then he'll always, well, sleep like a baby.  Because according to a new survey its the Grammy winner's voice that lulls the most successfully.

She does the trick for the Brits.

According to a new Travelodge survey, more British people listen to Adele to catch some Z’s than to any other artist.  She actually has three songs in the survey’s top-five list of songs to use to fall asleep: “Skyfall” is #1, “Someone Like You” follows, and “Chasing Pavements” ranks fourth.

“Beneath Your Beautiful,” by Labyrinth and Emeli Sande, and Coldplay’s “Fix You” also do the trick.

I smell a playlist!!!!

The survey results show Mozart, The Script, Snow Patrol, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, Jessie J and Olly Murs, all welcome slumber.