This is no ordinary feline.  His name is Stubbs, but that's Mayor Stubbs to you.  Yep, this cat is the legal representative for one U.S. town.


No other Mayor in the United States walks on four paws.  But Stubbs The Cat has the endorsement of his constituents in Talkeetna, Alaska.  The high office has belonged to this furry friend for 15 years.  Citing a lack of faith and substance from human candidates, the tailless kitten made the ballot as a write-in--and won.

Andi Manning, Talkeetna's Chamber of Commerce President tells that Stubbs title is more honorary than political because of the town's historic district standing.

But why do residents put up with him?  Local store owner Lauri Stec says:

"He doesn't raise our taxes -- we have no sales tax. He doesn't interfere with business. He's honest."




According to some town residents Mayor Stubbs is quite high maintenance preferring to drink his water from a wine glass sprinkled with catnip.





Nagley's Store clerk Skye Farrar tells CNN:

"All throughout the day I have to take care of the mayor. He's very demanding.  He meowed and meowed and meowed and demanded to be picked up and put on the counter. And he demanded to be taken away from the tourists. Then he had his long, afternoon nap.  He runs the town."

Mountain High Pizza Pie owner Todd Basilone adds:

"He's always in the restaurant. Stubbs wanders into every place in town.  I've never seen a dog mess with him."

And apparently Mayor Stubbs has quite a fan base as he's become a big attraction for tourists on their way to nearby Mt. McKinley.  He's even got his own Facebook page with 6,000 fans and counting.

We tried 'friending' him but he had too many requests.  Lol.  'Snubb'ed by a cat.  Rats!