Nobody had time to get 'nervous'....


Three proud police officers from Little Egg Harbor Township were just doing their jobs.  Well, their not doctors, but they did answer the call of duty.


Around 8am Monday morning, Sgt. David DiElmo, Patrolmen Thomas McAnney and Eric Nelson began their shifts, and answered a call from a woman in need.


When they arrived, the woman was in labor, and the head of the baby was starting to crown.   Again, there was no time to get nervous.


OK, maybe a little bit.


Thankfully, Sgt. David DiElmo has helped deliver a baby before.  The two other officers now had permission to watch in awe.


The soon to be mother, meanwhile, was having a baby without medication.


Once the baby was delivered, it was Officer McAnney's  job to remove the umbilical cord from the baby’s neck.


The baby was delivered, the police officers became heroes, the EMT's arrived, and both mother and child are healthy.