Meet Miles, a 5-year old child who was diagnosed with leukemia.  His only wish was to be Batman   That's when the Make-A-Wish Foundation helped grant Miles wish in a very epic way....


The foundation asked for help from San Francisco residents, and more than 10,000  RSVP'd. They helped stage a series of stunts Friday, during which little Miles got to rescue someone in trouble on a cable car, chase the Penguin, capture the Riddler, and was thanked (and given a key to the city) by the mayor and the police chief at City Hall.


Update:  Here's the footage of what went down this past weekend



What an amazing turn-out!


Miles also got props from basically every ACTOR who's played Batman.  Christian Bale called it "fantastic."  Michael Keaton called it the "cutest thing in the world."  And Adam West said the people of San Francisco did a "wonderful thing."


The next Batman, Ben Affleck, tweeted:




Val Kilmer also posted on Twitter, quote, "Just heard the Riddler is robbing a bank in the financial district.  Hurry."


Even President Obama got in on it:




To learn more about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and how you can help children who are battling terminal illnesses in your area, click here.