For those people who had excuses for not voting today - just know an astronaut sent his vote all the way from space.

NASA said Monday, astronaut Shane Kimbrough voted for the 2016 Presidential Election from the International Space Station a few days ago. Once again, from SPACE.

I sent an absentee ballot and crossed my fingers that it made it in New York in time for Election Day. Just imagine it all the way from out of the planet! But is he anxious? Nope!

Kimbrough is fully ready to welcome the new president and mentions that it feels special to say "I voted from space," (which it totally does).

Kimbrough isn't set to return to Earth until February.

By then, we'll have a new president - isn't that crazy?

Now I'm just wondering, if there was anyone is South Jersey who didn't vote in this election?

Check out the full story on NY Post.


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