I've only ventured to Philadelphia to take part in a Phillies game twice.  The first time I went, my friends and I were late and I only got to watch half of the game.

The second time was yesterday as the boys in red took on the Mets, and I decided....


to put together a list of things to do, so that I can do everything and anything.


Here are some things you should do at  a Phillies game:

Eat a sausage.  I'll eat anything, so we'll start with that.  Make sure it's right off the grill from one of those Hatfield places.


If you don't know what a Schmitter is----find out: I'll make it easy for ya, it's glorious sandwich with thousand island dressing, cheesesteak, salami, onions and tomato.  BAM!  Awesome.  BLAM! Where's the bathroom?


Go to Mcfaddens--It's a bar inside the ball park and it's always hoppin.  Literally.  In between innings, club music starts blarring  and everybody, and I mean everybody, starts grinding.  It's actually pretty funny to watch.


Actually watch the game--Believe it or not, you did buy tickets to a baseball game.


Have any more ideas? Other than getting tasered for running on the field, what are some things you should do at a Phillies game?


Feel free to comment below.