It's been a while since we last heard from the New Jersey Tanning Mom.  We know that she's no longer going to the tanning much as she did.  She also still denies putting her 6 yr old daughter in a tanning bed.

Nothing new, right?

Today, we have just learned that she is starting a new career doing.......... what??????



Nearly five months since this bizarre case broke, we have now leaned that Patricia Krentcil is now the face of a skin care regime!  I can only hope this is simply a step in the right direction, and she has been wanting change for a long time.


You sill have to admit, it's pretty ironic.


I, personally, have had her as the butt of my jokes over the last few months.  This time, however, I want to believe her.  She said in a statement, "this isn’t about impressing the courts – {I am} truly committed to repairing [my} skin." (Yahoo) She also admitted she was tanning too much and now she hopes to replenish her skin.  Seeing her face on billboards and the front page of newspapers certainly was an eye opening too.


Do you think the Tanning Mom's intentions, as a spokesman for "The Skin Care Regime",  are genuine?   Or, do you think this is just a publicity stunt so that she can eventually go back to the tanning bed in peace?  Feel free to comment below...