We spend the majority of our adolescence hoping to NOT get carded at the liquor store.  The only thing worse than waiting to turn 21 to buy alcohol legally, is the day you don't get carded because you look your age.  NickMom.com weighs the pros and cons of getting carded when you become a mom.

  • Pro: New eye cream?  Worth every red cent you judgey youngster.
  • Con:  Having to watch the clerk try and act all cool when he realizes he just carded a 38-year old.
  • Pro: Perfect excuse to exclaim, 'In Your Face!' to husband standing nearby.
  • Con: At some point after learning your real age, the clerk will refer to you a 'ma'am'.
  • Pro: Makes for an excellent Facebook status
  • Con: Chance your clerk will say, 'Weird, your son was just here.'
  • Pro: The myth is busted!  Drinking wine really DOES make you look younger!
  • Con: If you don't have your I.D. on you, you can't buy the wine.