Now that football is back in full force, "The Playlist" is taking on the daunting challenge of coming up with songs that can tie to the gridiron.

Another season of the National Football League is under way, and so is college and high school football, plus the Canadian Football League is about 7 weeks into their season.  With temperatures starting to get a little cooler for now, the feel of football is in the air!

This week's challenge was to find 20 songs that have some ties to football, and I found that there are few songs that ties to holding, tackles, linebackers, or many of the NFL teeams like the Jaguars or Bengals (just to name a few).

After hours of racking my brain, I figured out some songs that ties to NFL team names, a couple of regional college teams, certain positions on the field, and football movies.  Some may seem like I'm stretching to get this accomplished, but I create The Playlist so some liberties are taken at times.

Enjoy this 17-song set list and enjoy this football season thoroughly!

Kid Rock -- I Wanna Be A Cowboy (not in Eagles country!)

Seal -- Fly Like An Eagle (that's better!)

All Saints -- Never Ever (not all are playing this season due to "Bounty-Gate", but this song was a Top-5 hit in 1997)

INXS -- New Sensation (from their CD "Kick", covering all kickoffs and punts)

Nickelback -- Someday (the band's name is the 5th defensive back in football defensive coverages)

The Jets -- You Got It All (J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!)

White Lion -- Wait (Penn State's logo is a White Lion, while Detroit's is blue, and the Lion is in Vancouver in the CFL)

Musical Youth -- Pass The Dutchie (can Dutchie represent a Pigskin?  Probably not!)

Men Without Hats -- Safety Dance (a 2-point play that occurs when a team is stopped in their own end zone, and sometimes a celebration dance can occur)

The Offspring -- Come Out and Play (players come out, plays comes into the huddle, and yes I'm stretching!)

Owl City -- Good Time (Philly is the Owl City for Temple University, who lost to Maryland this past weekend)

Linkin Park -- In The End (defensive end, split end, tight end ...... that's all of football's ends!)

One Republic -- All The Right Moves (many great football players posses this ability, and Tom Cruise starred in a football movie of the same name in 1983)

Collective Soul -- Run (what the running backs do with the football)

Pitbull / Chris Brown -- International Love (Pitbull mentions football and a touchdown in this hit)

Nelly -- Just A Dream (he starred in the 2005 remake of "The Longest Yard")

Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch -- Good Vibrations (Wahlberg was Eagle legend Vince Papali in the 2006 flick "Invincible")