NFL star Tim Tebow saw his life change quickly after his impressive run with the Denver Broncos last season. Tebow-Mania moved to our neck of the woods as the quarterback was traded to the New York Jets. So the last place you might expect to see Tebow this off-season is at a prom in Iowa.

Well, according to Tim Gallagher of the Sioux City Journal, Kingsley-Pierson High School senior Rachel Bird (pictured) decided to bring a life-sized cardboard cutout of Tebow as a date to her prom last weekend. She says she wanted to get some laughs out of her classmates.

Bird made the cardboard Tebow at a Staples, with the help of her mom.  She even entered the gym with the cardboard Tebow during the grand march.

As you may guess, Bird is a big Tebow fan and tweeted the newest resident of Hoboken to see what he was doing on the day of the prom... but he never responded.  Surprisingly, there was no YouTube video invite to be found in this case (maybe that's where this young woman went wrong).