In this confusing week on SoJO 104.9, Heather DeLuca has been nice enough to work my afternoon shift while I fill in for Tom Morgan while he's off somewhere in Ohio, and this afternoon you'll get an added bonus besides Heather - The Fray!

Be listening this Thursday afternoon between 3pm-4pm as Joe King of The Fray will be calling in and being Heather's guest.  King is the guitarist and songwriter of the band that has had 3 Billboard Top-10 hits, 8 Top-20 Adult Hits and 4 of their hit singles that have sold a combined 10 Million copies in the U.S. alone.

King (pictured) happens to be the oldest member of The Fray at 32 (that's old?), and co-founded the band with Isaac Slade 10 years ago.

Expect Joe to talk to Heather about The Fray's latest release ("Scars & Stories"), and their tour with Kelly Clarkson for sure.