Drive around most parts of South Jersey and you will still see the damage from the weekend storm that caught everyone off guard.  As normalcy is slowly returning to most residents, the lingering effects of this will be effect for quite some time.

The Press of Atlantic City has posed an interesting question - "Where will all of that debris end up, and how long will the cleanup take".  The answers here are not clear right now.

The cleanup for some 70,000 or so South Jersey residents is taking a back seat to their hope of regaining their power back.  The hope is that many will be able their 4th of July with power, but The Press of A.C. has gathered information that sees that some may not have their power back until the weekend.

Realistically, most cleanup for residents may take weeks or longer.  Damage has ranged from debris on yards, to uprooted trees, vehicles and homes ruined, plus lives placed in ruins.  Getting passed the long cleanup will then be the economic hurting this storm has caused.

Some families may have a hurting put on them financially because of this storm.  You hope that insurance will cover the damage, but is that always the case?  Some businesses have been handicapped because of this storm, ranging from restaurants to golf courses.

Many restaurants in Atlantic County have been shut down to the storm, probably costing some in the $100,000+ range when you consider no customers plus the food that was lost from the storm.  Numerous golf courses have had to shut down due to the storm damage, and may be out of commission for some time - right in the heart of their busy season.

How will the casinos on the Boardwalk in A.C. be effected?  They have already been feeling the pinch before the storm came - could this be another punch in the gut for the gaming business?

There are more questions than answers right now, and that cannot be a comforting feeling for those in South Jersey.  Maybe accomplishing the first step will help to getting some of these questions answered.  Let's hope that things in our lives become normal again very soon.