Lesson of the day?  Don't call Justin Bieber a wanker.  If you do he might try to lunge past his bodyguard to wring your neck, as evidenced in this new video today.  It's been a bad week for the pop star, so is this finally the downward spiral Bieber haters have been waiting for?  Watch the clip and take today's poll!

Justin's recent stint in London, England hasn't been smooth.  This past Monday he angered fans at the O2 Arena when he took the stage two hours late.  Then, on Thursday he became winded and collapsed during his performance, forcing him to visit a hospital.  Today, Bieber was caught on video having a profanity-laced meltdown, charging at and threatening a photographer who was spewing insults at the pop star.


Justin's behavior seems to be erratic since his split with girlfriend Selena Gomez a few months back, fighting with paparazzi more than usual, walking around without his shirt on, and hitting night clubs.

It's a spiral similar to that of Britney Spears after Justin Timberlake dumped her.  So is this the end to the fairytale haters have long predicted?  Or do we have reason to keep on 'Beliebing'?