Something tells me Juan Pablo Galavis won't be 'Doing AC' again for a while....



The reality TV star made an appearance at The Pool at Harrah's this past Saturday night to a very mixed reaction.  Once he got on the microphone, there were some cheers, but the boos were definitely heard loud and clear.



Later, Juan Pablo had a private cabana waiting for him.  As he sat on the couch, a girl managed to throw a drink in his face and yell '"F--king douche bag!".  I'm thinking she was trying to be the spokeswoman for all the other rejected Bachelor contestants, or she just watches the show way too much.  Either way, security escorted her out of the club.



E! Online also reported that another couple got into a heated exchange with Juan Pablo, and they too were escorted out of 'The Pool'.



The night ended on a bright note for our friend, as Juan Pablo's 'girlfriend' Nikki Ferrel joined him about 2AM.  She missed most of the action, and the couple left the club together around 2:45.



Hope you're enjoyed your stay!

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