The highest award for television's best has had their moment this morning, as the nominees for the 64th Annual Emmy Awards have been released.  This year's nominees feature some intriguing stories, and some surprises which should make for a great night come Sept. 23rd.

ABC will have the honor of broadcasting the Primetime Emmy event come Sunday, Sept. 23rd when they start out on the Red Carpet in Hollywood at 7pm.  The stars will be lined up from both the big and small screen.  This year's nominees can be found by clicking here - you'll find each individual category for the Emmy Awards that you can search on your own.

I will make predictions before the award show in September, but for now here are 5 intriguing names who were nominated this morning:

1) Ashley Judd

A standout actress who earns a Best Lead Actress in a Movie or Mini Series for Missing on ABC.  What makes this interesting is that this was a series that was cancelled by ABC in May - denying the show a 2nd season.  This was not intended to be a Mini Series, but somehow it qualified in this category?  Not taking anything away from Judd who received great reviews for her work, but the show never got an audience - seemed to be better suited for HBO.  Because of the shows limited run, it somehow was submitted as a Mini Series (technically this works, but.........)

2) Michael J. Fox

Seeing him on TV is a gift for us, considering he does not do much acting work due to his Parkinson's illness - this is a shame for anyone a fan of Fox.  His 6-episode arc on The Good Wife this past season on CBS was among some of his best work of his career, and a well earned nomination for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series.  Expect a major standing ovation when (calling this one now) Fox takes home his this Emmy (which would be his 6th).

3) Mayim Bialik

The former child star has earned her 1st ever Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, completing a comeback many would not have seen coming.  From her big screen splash in Beaches at age 12, to becoming a TV star in her teen years with Blossom, Bilalik had a life outside Hollywood - earning her PhD in neuroscience from UCLA.  Somehow that may have totally helped her to succeed on The Big Bang Theory.

4) Kevin Costner

A Hollywood movie star took a chance with a History Channel mini series, and cable history was made - 14 Million viewers for Part 1 of the special, 17 Million by part 2 of the 3-part epic Hatfields & McCoys!  When a 2-time Oscar winner comes to the small screen, and not on one of the bigger networks shows you how good the script was.  Costner resurrected his slumping career with his Best Lead Actor in a Mini Series or Movie nomination, and hopefully will consider more work on TV in this genre in the future.

5) The men of Modern Family

6 nominees for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, and 4 come from the hit ABC series - Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, and Ed O'Neill.  Stonesteet won this award in 2010, Burrell did in 2011 - how cool would it be if O'Neill (who never got his just due for Married With Children) finally gets some deserved hardware for his mantle?