He may now be the most recognizable name in professional football, but it's not entirely for his abilities on the field.  After a season where he led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs, Tim Tebow found himself traded to the New York Jets recently, creating a battle for the quarterback spot in North New Jersey.  His off season has also seen his popularity in some circles reach new heights on Easter Sunday.

"Tebow-Maina" took over the NFL when this former University of Florida standout was called upon by the Broncos when the team was 1-4 and going nowhere.  Tebow help guide the teams to 6 wins in a row, 7-1 his first 8 games starting this past season.  The way the team won was what created the Maina surrounding Tebow - come from behind in the 4th Quarter and Overtime to somehow find a way to win games many thought were lost.

The team did sneak into the playoffs despite losing their last 3 of 2011, and Tebow saved his best act of the season in the 1st Round of the AFC Playoffs when he threw for 316 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers, including throwing the winning touchdown pass in overtime to win 29-23 (the longest scoring play in OT history of the NFL).

Tebow threw for over 1,700 yards in his 11 starts last season with 12 touchdown passes, only 6 interceptions, and ran for 660 yards (averaging about 5 1/2 yards per carry).  decent numbers, but his negatives were his less than 50% pass completion percentage, and the fact that many feel he is not your stereotypical QB - does not throw a pretty ball with a tight spiral, and seems to be more effective running than passing.  Bottom line was he won more times than lost, but that was not enough for him to stay.

Tebow brings his Mania to the NYC area after he was traded on March 21st to the Jets because the Broncos signed future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning to take over for Tim.  Since his arrival to the J-E-T-S, questions have surfaced about who will start at QB for the Jets (Tebow or Mark Sanchez who has had the job the last 3 seasons), interests in Tebow's #15 jersey in Jet green has hit a fever pitch, he has been rumored to have had a date with Taylor Swift, and his popularity may have hit a new high.

Tebow spent Easter Sunday in Georgetown, Texas - a town with about 47,000 people living in the area.  That town saw a swell of 15,000 people gather for an outdoor service with Tebow delivering a 20-minute session, taking faith, answering questions, and even talking some football.

“In Christianity, it’s the Pope and Tebow right now,” Celebration Church pastor Joe Champion said, the man who did the Q&A and brought Tebow out for this event.  Tebow is a devout Christian who has not been afraid to express his faith - from his John 3:16 he has written in under his eyes (photo), to his Pro-Life commercial he did in 2010 that ran during the Super Bowl, to his "Tebowing" (kneeling after a big win in prayer for a moment).  During this gathering Sunday, Tebow was quoted as saying "It's OK to be outspoken about your faith".

There has been various reason why people do love Tim Tebow - from his good looks, to his so-called overachieving on the football field, to his role model ways and his Christian faith.  He may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he seems to generate curiosity (making his a true cultural phenomenon).